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Thanks, you are my friend! I loved this!"I just said, "Remember me."I felt strange and confused. I was willing to take whatever they wanted. I was their prisoner. I liked it so much in a way but....The second evening Achmed brought me to his tent and he said,"Mmmm, my little boy, you're so cute and delicious. Welcome to my bed, my little Jewish boy, I'm going to make you very happy!"His deep voice was kind and he stroked me everywhere. I didn't like the fact he called me Jewish. It made me afraid; what was on his mind?His big hands held my asscheeks fondling them. His huge hard dick under the thin fabric of his white boxers rubbed against my naked thighs.I was in heaven! It felt as a promotion to be in his tent. Achmed told me, "You will sleep with me and I will teach Index Lolita you a few tricks to make me happy!"He moved my body to his bed. I was naked, lying on my belly, my firm white teen butt exposed. He took my wrists and bound them to the upper bedposts. I was so thrilled! 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I really was his little boy and I felt a slave to his strong manly desires. When he stopped I begged him for more,"Please, sir, my Achmed, fuck me again."Achmed slapped my ass, this time very hard, "You asked for it, my little Jewish boy, my little Joshua, my prisoner and little slave!"Achmed untied me and he turned me around and made me lie on my back. He took my ankles and threw my open legs over my head. My knees were behind my ears and I grunted. I was offering Achmed my wide open ass. This way he had total control and could go even deeper into my tight bowels. Achmed did as he said and fucked me without any mercy. I cried out with joy and wanted pain. We both came hard! Our cum was everywhere!He embraced me in his huge arms taking my spent body to his powerful chest. "You are the best fuck on earth, boy!""Thanks, Achmed, sir!" This was so much better than I had imagined. I'm his new boy, my asshole is his `pussy' and I loved every second of it! We slept close to each other.In the middle of the night something very scary happened. I was lying naked next to my new commander when a group of soldiers entered the Palestinian camp. It happened so fast I can't remember any details. A soldier just took me and I ended up in an army car with a blanket around my naked form. Since the found me naked in our cum-soaked bed, they all knew that I had been fucked up the ass by the commander of the Palestinian camp. I learned they took Achmed and his teen warriors into a prison and that nobody was killed. My mind was in turmoil and I worried about them. I felt a strange strong feeling for Achmed and his teens. They had opened a new world for me!But, with all of that I was still worried about my kid brother. I had no real idea where he was. I slept that night in a real bed, for the first time in a week. After a check up by a friendly doctor I was found healthy and he made no strange remarks on my sore asshole. I didn't want to return home! 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