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We slept close to each other.In the middle of the night something very scary happened. I was lying naked next to my new commander when a group of soldiers entered the Palestinian camp. It happened so fast I can't remember any details. A soldier just took me and I ended up in an army car with a blanket around my naked form. Since the found me naked in our cum-soaked bed, they all knew that I had been fucked up the ass by the commander of the Palestinian camp. I learned they took Achmed and his teen warriors into a prison and that nobody was killed. My mind was in turmoil and I worried about them. I felt a strange strong feeling for Achmed and his teens. They had opened a new world for me!But, with all of that I was still worried about my kid brother. I had no real idea where he was. I slept that night in a real bed, for the first time in a week. After a check up by a friendly doctor I was found healthy and he made no strange remarks on my sore asshole. I didn't want to return home! 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